Adult Education provides an opportunity for mature students to achieve education levels equivalent to those of high-school graduates. The educational goals of Adult Learners include achieving a personal dream, learning to read, getting a better job, gaining access to post-secondary training, setting a good example for their children, and gaining citizenship.

While Adult Learners average 30 years of age, each student must be more than 16 years old, with education competencies below the level of high-school graduates. Detailed eligibility requirements differ by program type.

Adult Education instruction is tailored to meet the needs of the Adult Learner, including:

High School Completion

Instruction designed to fulfill the requirements for a high school diploma.


GED Test Preparation

Instruction in language arts, math, social studies, science, and writing, in order to successfully complete the GED test.


Adult Literacy

Instruction in reading, English, language arts, math, and civics for Adult Learners without a high school diploma.


English as a Second Language

Instruction in reading, speaking, writing, and understanding the English language.